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“Glass Half Full” 20x20” oil

“Chantilly” 24x24” oil

“Magnolia Breeze” 20x30” oil

“Cup of Tomatoes” 20x20” oil

“The Reward” 20x20” oil

“Bar Harbor Rest Area” 16x20” oil

“Rays of Sunflowers” 16x20” oil

“Rapid Fire Peony” 20x20” oil

“Crabapple Spring” 20x20” oil

“Cafe before Dinner” 12x24” oil

“Park Avenue Irises” 20x30” oil

“Curious Kid” 24x24” oil


“Crabapple Fortune” 24x30” oil

“Sunshine and Time” 12x24” oil

“Red Peony” 24x24” oil

“Watching You, Watching Me” 16x20” oil

“Lily Pond” 16x20” oil

“Sunrise Zinnia” 24x24” oil

“Opening Day” 24x36” oil